Introducing BrewFirst's

patented commercial-grade brewing system.


Simple Brewing System (SBS)​​​

The ultimate solution for a

challenging time 

An all in one brewing, fermenting, and serving system 

for craft beer and seltzer.


Becoming an on-premise brewery will enhance your
brand - perfect for commercial use as we come out of
the current environment.


The Simple Brewing System (SBS) 

Advantage: 01


The simplest commercial process to make great-tasting craft beer

  • We create your recipes and provide all of the ingredients

  • No brewing experience needed

Fill with water, add ingredients, shake well

Add yeast packet, easily attach special pressure gauges

Store in 68 degree room for 3-5 days

System can alert when fermenting is finished

Refrigerate overnight

Carbonate and serve

Clean and re-use the SBS units

5 Gallon size SBS keg


The Simple Brewing System (SBS)  Advantage: 02

We designed this system with flexibility for maximum potential.

  • So small, it can easily fit any location

  • Economical production, scales to any volume

  • Makes all types of craft beer and hard seltzers

With the BrewFirst SBS, you can create great

craft beer in almost any style, flavor profile, and alcohol level. We supply all pre-formulated and precision packed ingredients to make...











The Simple Brewing System (SBS)  Advantage: 03


Save 50%-80% on your beer costs - now you can actually make money selling craft beer. 

  • Equipment costs are inexpensive, the initial cost of purchase is offset with free ingredients. The units are reusable, you only purchase ingredient kits thereafter. No brewing experience needed, and only a small footprint is required. 

  • Create  your own brand! Now you can offer your own custom craft beer, made on premise, and serve on tap, in growlers, and even cans. Increase traffic with weekly tasting events and special prices. 

  • No startup cost for equipment - economical production, scales to any volume, makes most types of beers and hard seltzers. 

  • Your ingredient cost will range from $0.30 to $0.55 cents per pint. 


Best of all, we assist you in acquiring the necessary state and federal licenses.

We provide legal licensing assistance as a fraction of the cost. 


Get your licenses and start brewing now…​​



The System Package

Commercial Use 


We have combined new technologies in fermentation, key materials and ingredients – creating a commercially viable, non-traditional smart craft brewing system – totally scalable – low equipment costs, offset with free ingredients.






State and Federal License Assistance – nominal fee

Upon issuance of all licenses, purchase enough SBS units (each unit produces 40 pints per week) to start production - we provide free ingredients to offset the price of each unit. 

Start with as little as 5 SBS units, purchase more as your demand increases. Once empty they are quickly cleaned and re-used. Thereafter you buy our ingredient kits at great prices.




Use our online training video – in 30 minutes you are making your first beer (we are always here to support you)

Start selling your craft beer, with your own tap handles, under your own brand name

Watch your customers rave about your beer and hard seltzer, enjoy the profit margins


Comes with software management platform, for operations and reporting compliance

Includes custom recipe development

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The BrewFirst Licensing team will assist you in obtaining the licensing required (Local, State, Federal) to commercially make and sell yourown craft alcoholic beverages. 

Inquire about becoming a BrewFirst distributor. 


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